Nelson Youth Theatre Company

"Inspiring the future through creativity"

Matthew Edgar Age 12
Matthew has been performing with the Youth Theatre for only 2 years but has dived into it with immense
passion. With a background in improvisation he loves the character roles; playing Dodger in the Nelson Youth
Theatre Company's production of Oliver last year was a real highlight. He started vocal lessons last year and to
challenge himself he took up tap dancing and saxophone this year.
Aine Tanner Age 12
I love to sing and dance. I love fluffy dogs of all sizes. I love chocolate. I like to swim and I'm very excitable. And I
get most of these things in Annie so I'm loving it!

Freddy Griffiths Age 12
I go to Nelson College and I play piano and violin. My other hobbies include Hockey, Surf Life Saving and Tap
Dancing. I participate in choir and string orchestra at school as well.

Georgie Levien Age 11
Georgie joined Youth Theatre in 2016 and has a background in singing, acting, dance and guitar. An NCG
student, Georgie loves all things musical and is excited to be performing at the Theatre Royal again.

Amelia Brennan Age 11
I am eleven years old and I started Musical theatre when I was eight because my big sister Caitlin (Reno in
Anything Goes) started doing theatre. I like basketball and netball and I love to write, when I am older I want to
be an architect.

Celia Wallace Age 11
I like the learning opportunities in theatre and it’s fun to be a part of big productions.

Lucie Kearney Age 11
I have always had a passion for the performing arts. I play the guitar, love to sing, and dance. This is my first
time with the Nelson Youth Theatre and I can't wait to perform.

Ella Danson Age 11
I am currently year 7 at Girls Prep. I have been a member of Nelson youth theatre since I was 5 Years old and
have done over 10 shows, including Peter Pan, Les Miserables, Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar, Sound of music
and many more. I enjoy dancing and do Ballet and Jazz. I also play the violin.

Ayla Davis Age 11
I was excited to be in Annie the musical. I enjoy horse riding, acting, tennis and reading

Loren Martin Age 11
I have been the singer in the school rock band, and enjoy performing with my own band. This is my first time
with the Nelson youth theatre, and it's a fantastic opportunity.

Sylvie Lloyd Age 11
I am in year 7 at NIS. I really love acting and singing and have been doing shows with Nelson Youth Theatre
Company for 3 years now. What I love about theatre is the opportunity to step into someone else's shoes for a few
hours and be somebody else. On stage, you are not yourself, you are your character. And it feels amazing to be
up there with hundreds of pairs of eyes staring at you. As well as acting I enjoy reading, art, playing the violin
and piano and playing with my friends.

Lily Davis Age 10
I enjoy drama and love playing a part in Annie and being on stage.

Asha Trill Age 10
Asha has really enjoyed having Musical Theatre in her life for the past year. To be able to sing, act and move on
stage and make new friends at the same time is a dream come true

Tara Brennan Age 10
Annie is my twelfth show/one act play. After school activities I do are karate and theatre (of course!) and I'm
planning to make room for scouts somewhere! I really like music, adventuring... stuff along those lines. I'm the
youngest in a family of eight including my sister Amelia and my brother Liam, who are also in this show. I got
into theatre because of my family, they are very supporting to us actors in the family. The sibling who inspired us
three to join theatre was Caitlin. Enjoy the show.

Emily Wallace Age 10
I like that you get to act and sing at the same time, meet new friends and the thrill of being on stage.

Asha Lyall Age 10
I have a real passion for singing and performing. My first public performance was at age 4 in front of 300
people when I won a Christmas carol singing competition. A funny thing that has happened in the past was My
friend diving into a bush to get a ball when we were on the trampoline.

Emily Garside Age 10
I am the youngest in my family, I have two brothers. My friends and I call ourselves "the shiny sailors." I am 20
percent Scottish. My dream is to become a famous singer. My parents are the absolute nicest parents EVER!! I
love parties and sweets (says my dad). I like to watch movies like lalaloopsy and littlest pet shop. I hope you enjoy
the show.

Poppy Gillooly Age 10
Previous Shows: 'Pirates of the Curry Bean'. Nativity plays "Mary" and angels. This is Poppy's first time in a Youth
Theatre production. She's enjoying every part of it - especially the acting as part of the Orphan Chorus. Making
her costume look old was lot of fun! Poppy was inspired to give theatre a go after watching friends and other
children in local shows.

Pearl Hutchinson Age 9
My name is Pearl and I am in Year 5 at Hampden Street School. I love to sing, play the guitar and ride my bike.
I am in the school band and pop group and I go to Jazz dance classes. This is my first show with the Nelson
Youth Theatre.

Ruby Hardy Age 9 
I have enjoyed being involved in drama with Body in Space and in my school productions. I am also learning
American Jazz dancing and I love performing.

Aaliyah O'Connor Age 9
I love acting, basketball and karate. In my spare time, I read lots of books and I am passionate about all things
Harry Potter. My favourite subject at school is Maths.
Madeline Bethwaite Age 9
I was diagnosed with arthritis 7 years ago, so many hobbies can interfere with my capabilities. Singing and
drama has given me the chance to take part, experience and develop my confidence in performing arts whilst
being relatively pain free. Annie is one of my favourite musicals and I’m excited to be a part of the cast.

Michaela Carruthers Age 9
I have been performing in shows since the age of 3, and having recently played Marta in The Sound of Music, I
get to play Annie in this, my 24th show. I love meeting and getting to know a lot of people doing shows, the
acting is fun, you get to learn lots of dances, and I get to sing all the time! Theatre teaches you to be more
responsible, learning lines and following directions. I just love everything about it really!!

Poppy Hogan Age 9
I'm very excited to be involved. I'm very sporty and I have two little brothers I love writing and D.T (digital
technology) this is the first show I've done and I'm very excited. I will definitely do more shows in the future.

Bronte Morton Age 9 
I love being on stage because I like singing and acting. I also play piano and violin and take ballet lessons. I like
playing Katie because she isn't too mean or nice, she's just right.

Elise Morton Age 8
My first acting role was as a cow and I died. Now I'm an orphan and I like being orphan Molly because she's
kinda bossy! I love dancing and I take ballet lessons. I also learn piano and violin which is fun.

Scarlett O'Connor Age 8
I like gymnastics, playing with my teddy bears and having sleep overs. My favourite subject at school is art and
discovery time.

Nyah Manson Age 8
Nyah loves performing and being on stage. Nyah is a quick study, throws herself into a performance, has had
some great experiences with Nelson Youth Theatre and made some lovely friends

Rosie Davis Age 7
I loved being Molly in 'Annie' I like running, drama, singing and reading.

Charlotte Hamilton Age 7
This is my first show with NYT and I am very excited to be part of Annie, a show I have always loved. My family
is excited too. I also enjoy ballet, tennis, music and of course school

Katarina Salcin-Watts Age 7
I love dancing (classical ballet and jazz), music (piano, singing, recorder) and drama. Being onstage and in the
theatre, is my favourite place :-). I am, REALLY excited about 'Annie' and have loved being with the NYTC

Nelson Youth Theatre Company Junior actors and Crew