Code of Conduct for
Volunteers, Adult Actors, Musicians and Theatre Professionals

Creating a safe and nurturing environment for young people in the care of
Nelson Youth Theatre Company is the overriding concern.

Volunteers, Adult Actors, Musicians and Theatre Professionals:

Accept that the safety of youth under the care of Nelson Youth Theatre Company is the over riding concern.
Accept that if concerns regarding their behaviour are raised that the adult's involvement with the
Nelson Youth Theatre Company may be terminated solely at Nelson Youth Theatre Company's discretion.
Are aware that the police may be involved in incidents involving the safety of youth at the discretion of
Nelson Youth Theatre Company.
Agree not to pursue any one on one social contact with youth during the term of their involvement at
Nelson Youth Theatre Company without the knowledge of their parent or caregiver.
Agree to include the relevant parent or caregiver in all communication with youth involved with
Nelson Youth Theatre Company that is not strictly related to the production.
Maintain a professional relationship with youth that is focussed on the youth's role within the production. Specifically, there will be no comments of a sexual nature or unnecessary physical contact.
Will ensure that their use of social media adheres to the guidelines in this document.
Agree to raise all incidents and any violations of this code of conduct with a specified member of the production team.
Agree to undergo Police vetting.

Code of Conduct for Participants

Participants agree to:

Treat the production as a team effort and support one another.
Avoid all forms of harassment of other participants including via text, social media or gossip.
Respect the direction of volunteers who help run the productions.
Make an effort to meet the performance standards required, this is likely to require individual practice or homework outside of rehearsals.
Adhere to the
Nelson Youth Theatre Company’s mobile phone policy.
Adhere to the
Nelson Youth Theatre Company’s drop off and collection policy.
Adhere to the
Nelson Youth Theatre Company’s photography and recording policy.
Respect venues where
Nelson Youth Theatre Company rehearse or perform, and the personnel involved in running these venues.
Nelson Youth Theatre Company property and hired property, such as scripts, costumes, props and microphones.
Adhere to
Nelson Youth Theatre Company’s health and safety policy.
Report all incidents and issues to a member of the
Nelson Youth Theatre Company team, no matter how small.

Nelson Youth Theatre Company is committed to creating the best possible environment for youth theatre. Your feedback will help us achieve our goals and will support Nelson Youth Theatre Company’s ongoing development and evolution. Please play your part by ensuring that no incident goes unreported.
Nelson Youth Theatre Company

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