Information for Parents and Care Givers

At Nelson Youth Theatre Company our mission is to create opportunities for young people to develop valuable life skills and self confidence while expanding their abilities through theatrical productions;

To encourage self  motivation and self discipline, and to inspire creativity among all those involved, so that they become excellent role models for their peers;

To encourage the development of leadership skills, through providing opportunities to direct, choreograph, stage manage and play senior acting roles in major theatrical productions.

Our commitment to you

We commit to:

Providing a safe and caring environment for your child.
Providing opportunities for your child to develop new skills, extend themselves and gain confidence to take risks in the pursuit of their goals.
Providing feedback and coaching on your child's performances.

Your commitment to NYT

To provide prompt feedback to Nelson Youth Theatre Company regarding any concerns you may have regarding the involvement of your, or any other, child in Nelson Youth Theatre Company.
To ensure that your child is able to get to rehearsals on time and is dropped off and collected in accordance with Nelson Youth Theatre Company’s policy.
That all fees are paid on time to allow Nelson Youth Theatre Company to meet its financial commitments.
To encourage and support your child by helping them learn lines, practice songs and in particular to help them deal with disappointments and view all productions as a team effort.
To recognise that everybody has strengths and weaknesses, but that public comparison of different actors abilities in a production can be profoundly damaging to the actors, to the production and to Nelson Youth Theatre Company as a whole.
Nelson Youth Theatre Company

"Inspiring the future through creativity"