Please play your part in making
Nelson Youth Theatre Company a success by adhering to the following policies.

Drop off and Collection Policy
Please ensure that children under your care are dropped off and collected from the door of the venue. Nelson Youth Theatre Company specifically requests that children are not asked to wait outside venues, or on the road side.

If you would like to participate in car pooling please let
Nelson Youth Theatre Company know and your name, phone number and suburb will be put on a list that will be made available to all participating parents and care givers with children in the production. The organisation of car pooling will be between parents and caregivers.

Mobile Phone Policy
Mobile phones may be used during rehearsals by participants who are not currently required on stage. However mobile phones may not be used on stage and participants must make a special effort to respond to acting calls. Nelson Youth Theatre Company reserve the right to request that specific participants do not use mobile phones during rehearsals if they are proving to be an ongoing distraction.

Mobile phones must be switched off during final rehearsals and performances unless permission is granted by the director or producer of the show.

Photography and Recording Policy
No photography or video recording of any kind is allowed without prior agreement from the production director. This includes on stage, back stage and around the rehearsal or performance venue. The reason for this restriction is to both protect the participants in the show from unwanted photographs and video recording and to protect Nelson Youth Theatre Company from violations of its intellectual property commitments to the owners of the production.
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