Nelson Youth Theatre Company

"Inspiring the future through creativity"

Yitzin Ruiz Lopez Age 17
I've been a part of Nelson Youth Theatre since 2010 when I played a little pickpocket in 'Oliver!' My love for
theatre has greatly increased since I started with the company. I enjoy performing in college drama
productions. I also have worked with other companies in Nelson such as Nelson Musical Theatre (in 'Grease')
and the team at Soundstage who have helped enormously with my singing, acting, and dancing ability since
2012. Performing on stage is now one of my greatest passions in life and I can safely say that I owe it all to
the theatre scene in Nelson.
Bri Weir Age 17
Annie was the first ever theatre show I saw live and it was the first Nelson Youth Theatre show I saw too! So
it's quite exciting to be part of the show that got me into theatre and to be playing one of my dream roles.
Theatre has given me courage, experience and strengths I never knew I had for the past six years and I wish
for that to go on for many more.

Caitlin Brennan Age 15
Musical theatre has been a passion of mine ever I was 7 years old, when I saw a community production of Les
Misérables, and was completely entranced! I enjoy singing and acting, both of which I take classes for with
Off Broadway Performing Arts School. I recently completed my Trinity London College Grade 7 Musical
Theatre exam with distinction.
Yasmina Coe Age 15
My friends would describe me as loud and energetic and they are probably right. I love to sing and dance, I
have been dancing since I was three years old, I also play hockey and row. I love doing theatre shows and I
was super excited to be playing Annie in Annie.

Daniel Winch Age 15
I'm a Yr 11 student studying at Waimea college. I enjoy doing Drama because it really gets you into the
character you are put into. I especially enjoy it because as a kid I watched these shows with my family and
thought it was amazing what the people on stage were expressing through their characters and showing
different moods and emotions. Now I get to become one of those characters on stage and hopefully inspire
others like me to get into theatre.

Mackenzie Gardner Age 14
I've been a student at Soundstage for 8 years and have done many shows with them. I played Belle in
Christmas Carol, Maria in Sound of Music and now have the honour to play Reno Sweeny in one of my
favourite musicals, Anything Goes. I'm very passionate about theatre and I hope to get into a musical theatre
school once I leave college so I can continue doing shows and entertaining audiences.

Livia Fanselow Age 14
I've always wanted to be in a show and I'm so happy with my role as Miss Hannigan! I hope to be doing
many more in the future!

Alex Jensen Age 14
Hi, my name is Alex Jensen and I am a year 10 student at Nelson College for Girls. I have been involved in
these shows since I was 10 and have now performed in eight. In Annie, I play the role of Grace, which is my
biggest role yet! I have also been very lucky to extend my skills beyond acting and into choreography for this
show. I am very grateful and very lucky to be a part of such a supportive and passionate theatrical
community. Thank you all so much! Enjoy the show!

Jack Munro Age 14
I really enjoy building, dancing and riding my skateboard. I have four wonderful siblings and two supportive
parents which, without them, it would not be possible for me to take part in this fabulous show. Musical
theatre has been a big part of my life since 2014 when I took part is Hairspray in the part of Joey. Enjoy the

Gemma Rogers Age 14
I am a year 10 student at Nelson College for Girls. I have been acting with the Nelson Youth Theatre for
almost 5 years and Annie is my ninth musical. Outside of youth theatre and school I have acting and musical
theatre classes and I also learn the guitar and piano. I have loved being a part of Annie and I can't wait for
future shows.
Tim McIlroy Age 14
I go to Nelson College in Yr 9. I have a variety of interests such as Tennis, Lego, Star Wars, Animating, Piano
and of course Theatre. I have been doing shows since 2012 and I have loved it.

Eva Lloyd Age 14
I am a year 10 student at Nelson College for Girls and have been performing in shows since I was 6. Last
year I played Liesel in the Sound of Music and am very excited to play Grace in Annie. I have developed a lot
of confidence through drama and I couldn't have done it without Richard and Jess. Thank you both for
putting so much time and effort into youth theatre.

Liam Brennan Age 13
I have been in over ten shows since I first joined Nelson Youth Theatre in 2013. I attend Nelson College as a
year ten. I love to write, and entertain. Hopefully I will/did succeed in the latter. The highlights have included
Max from the Sound of Music, (soon to be) Warbucks from Annie, the Brussel Sprout Fairy from
Individuality… That one was an interesting part… And the Ghost of Christmas Present from A Christmas
Carol. I’m looking forward being part of more shows
Olivia Murray Age 13
I am a year nine student at Nelson College For Girls, I have always enjoyed drama since I was seven years
old, I won best actor in The Shakespeare Festival in 2016. Last year I was in The Sound of Music and this
year I am excited to be back at the Theatre Royal for Annie!

Anna Thomas Age 13
I started Nelson Youth Theatre when I was 9 and have done every show since then. My favourite roles have
been Sara Crewe (The Little Princess) and Brigitta von Trapp (Sound Of Music). I also love to dance and
dance virtually every day of the week.

Lauren Loghry Age 13
Lauren lives for performing, and has a many year history in dance and theatre, both in Nelson and in
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA where she moved to Nelson from in 2015.

Rhianna Cavit Age 13
I’ve being involved with theatre since I was 7 and enjoy taking on different characters each new show I'm
involved with. Meeting new people, making friends and all that comes with theatre life. One of the Best parts
is seeing the audience really enjoying a show.

Nelson Youth Theatre Company Youth actors and Crew